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It's February! That means:

Black History Month
Groundhog Day
Chinese New Year
Carnaval/Mardi Gras
Valentine's Day
President's Day

and the birthdays of:
Elizabeth Blackwell, Charles Lindbergh, Rosa Parks, Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth,
Charles Dickens, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Jules Verne, Thomas Edison, Judy Blume,
Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Steve Jobs, Pierre Auguste Renoir
Levi Strauss, Buffalo Bill Cody, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and John Steinbeck!


throbbing heartValentine's Day! Like Heart
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Yukon Quest started Saturday, February 6th!

Yukon Quest logo
Click the pic to go to the official site!
1,000 miles/1609 km over a frozen mountain range!



Monday, January 8th is



monkey in Chinese do the monkey

Click either picture above to learn about the year of the monkey, the Chinese zodiac, the other 11 zodiac animals, and the five elements!


It's Mardi Gras all over the world! Some countries call it Carnaval and it lasts a week!

Lots of parties and celebrations, fireworks, and dancing in the streets!


BrazilFlagsmall.GIF In Brazil, they have amazing street parades with fantastic floats!


and it's called Carnaval in Rio! Click the cat to see some photos!




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Black History Month 2013Click me!



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