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These are sites from different schools, usually hotlists of links to good educational web sites. Many more lesson plans over in Teachers & Parents!


Best Web Sites for Kids is a list of sites from the Great Falls Public Schools in Montana. Comprehensive, excellent, we'll be using this list.


India flagThe Bishop's School in Pune, India, has a short but powerful list of "good sites," including ours.


Black Hawk Elementary's hotlist lists 78 elementary learning sites, mainly math and language arts related. There are good web pages here. We fondly remember subbing at Black Hawk years ago. Especially on Meet & Eat days!


Burgaw Elementary School Web Resources Don't let the cute header fool you, this page is big, long, and full of excellent links to help teachers! Most anything an elementary teacher needs for lesson planning and curriculum help is in here somewhere. Excellent site and a fine addition to our listings. From Burgaw, North Carolina.


Charles Haskell Elementary Very nice site from Oklahoma.  Check out their excellent collection of resource links.


Dahlgren School, Dahlgren, Virginia has an excellent hotlist with lots of links! Some we already had, some we didn't. These are organized by subject matter. Go Tigers!


Canadian Flag eLibrary.SD71 Home Page from Comox Valley School District, British Columbia. Amazing, stupendous, just great web portal site! VERY well organized, EXCELLENT section on how to do research! Good teacher resources section. The Subject Links area is absolutely astounding! Example: Social Studies: Ancient China > organized into 11 sections. Section 1: Building a Knowledge Base has seven links that build on each other. Math, Science, etc. are organized along similar lines. Well done!


Canadian Flag Getting Students Connected   Fine site from the Avon-Maitland School District Board of Seaforth, Ontario.  Huge hotlist of sites arranged by grade, and we mean huge. Thanks to the Grandview Cougars.


Grain Valley School District of Grain Valley, Missouri. A gigantic collection of education links on this hotlist page, all subjects! Be sure to click on every block on the page. "The following pages were designed for our students, teachers, parents and community. There are countless interactive and engaging resources on each page. The links were selected to support and enhance the learning experiences of our outstanding student body."


Grandview Elementary's hotlist has a page of sites arranged by area of study.  The Word Problems for Smart, Really Smart, and Really Really Smart 5th Graders are great!


Hailey Elementary School hotlist of sites, from Blaine County School district, Idaho. This hotlist has some good sites we hadn't seen before. We're going to list some separately. Not just because they list this site, either. Hailey's sites are listed by grade.


Horace Mann Elementary's Hotlist has lists of site URLs sorted by grades. Go Hornets!


Canadian Flag Jack MacKenzie Elementary School hotlist of ed sites. This is a very good list from Regina, Saskatchewan. Check it out!


Knollwood Elementary's hotlist Lists URLs without descriptions, but a good list regardless. Home of the white Tuesday Folders. Go Mighty Knights!


Merrillville Community Schools of Merrillville, Indiana. List of 173 elementary "good sites," including us.


Mountain City Elementary School in Mountain City, Tennessee "Home of the Steers" has a site that is an outstanding source of hands-on activities and ideas, especially in social studies. Use Teaching Tools and Resource Links on the left side of the page to access these. They're all the better for being locally made. This is an example of what talented educators can do with technology, we're glad they share it on the internet.


Ms. Melissa Elijah's hotlist of sites from Klenk Elementary School in Klein, Texas. This is a good example of a well-organized one-page list. Especially strong in mathematics and science.


Oswego City Schools Interactive Games has 64 math games gleaned from the internet. Some already listed on this site, many that weren't. Good listing from Oswego City Schools, Oswego, New York.


Pinedale Elementary School's Hotlist of sites  Big list of education sites sorted by areas - language arts, math,etc. Some of us have kids who went to Pinedale "back in the day". Go li'l Panthers!


Pinedale Elementary School's Standards Support links Another listing of sites, different from above, sorted both by area and grade level. Very useful.


Pocantico Hills Central School in Sleepy Hollow*, New York. Award winning school and a site to match! Teachers: Put your pointer on Student Projects on the left-hand menu (you'll need Javascript working) and check out everything(!) in Student Projects, New Work, Best Work**, and Grade Level Links. There are oodles of project examples and things you can do in your own school! 

* Yes there really is a Sleepy Hollow, Washington Irvine did not dream it up. 

** Mrs. Shaul's 1st Grade Class - Meet the Dinosaurs is in here! (Kudos, Mrs. Hongell, we reckon this was your work.)


Union JackSnaith Primary School in East Yorkshire, UK has put together a wonderful language arts site with 24 different sections. You have got to check these out! It's all elementary school language arts! Includes folk tales and nursery rhymes! Hard to find that these days.


South Canyon Elementary's hotlist has some sites we have seen almost nowhere else. We're happy to put South Canyon's list here, it has always been a fine school. Go Hawks!


Southwood Elementary School links  Easy to use, well organized hotlist pages from a school in Indiana.


Student Resources and Teacher Resources from the Library of North Bennington Graded School in Vermont. Two great webpages at one place! Plenty of worthwhile sites to check out.


COOL!Students' Homepage and Student Resources Online from School District 91 - Nechako Lakes, British Columbia, Canada. This is without a doubt the largest and greatest collection of educational links on the web. It is amazing what's on here! Like a fractal it goes on and out and out, but you will never get lost. We LOVE this site layout! There are things here for every elementary school subject: ABCs, technology, lit circles, anything we looked for, it's here, both well-known good sites and new discoveries! Go there and see what we mean! We want to praise Mrs. Jill French, who created this wonder and keeps it organized (and thanks for your kind permission to list it here.).


Valley View Elementary School Hot Links (URL fixed) is quite good and full of "good sites". Go Li'l Vikings!


Union JackWoodlands Junior School, Torbridge, Kent, UK. "Welcome to Woodlands Web Developing the whole child is important to us and that aim is reflected in all we do and throughout our website. We have over 33,000 pages of easy to read information to support learners of all ages. Even though our students are aged 7 to 11, many of the activities and information on our website are appropriate for both young and old." One of the best school sites ever!


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