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This is our always changing list of recently added sites, plus the occasional oldie. 
Generally, sites get added on the top and eventually get taken off the bottom.




Going in Civil Rights



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Baby Shark! This is a newborn Great White Shark. from California.
It is about 5 feet long.

Going in Animals


Sailing Into Slavic Lands: The Origins Of The Rurik Dynasty
The history of Norse presence in the territories of modern Russia,
Belarus, and Ukraine, begin quite early in the Viking Age
"The Vikings were skilled sailors and navigators from Scandinavian lands who used
their naval skills to explore new lands and trade across the seas and oceans, but also
to wage war and vicious raiding and plundering. They dominated the early medieval
period, known as the Viking Age, and were directly responsible for some of the key
developments in that period, shaping the world as we know it today. From England
and Ireland, to Normandy, Iceland, and Greenland too, these fierce Norsemen sailed
the seas and waged war. But did you know that they also sailed to the lands of the
Slavs, creating an early medieval state from which Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus would
form in the modern age? That important Slavic state was the Rurik dynasty. And yes,
you guessed it, they were of Viking origin!" Complete with maps so students can
understand how vast the area is.
Going in History


Going in Astronomy


Hi, kids! I'm Dakota! I am one of the Brittanies here at
Good Sites for Kids! I'm a retired hunter and a mama.
My fur-sister Lily and I are American Brittanies, both
rescues, and both South Dakota natives. When we're not
helping out on the site, we patrol the property,
chase rabbits and squirrels, say hi to the kids at the school
playground and the dogs next door, rack out on our beds, ask
for treats, and hang out with our humans!
American Brittany Rescue (Lily) National Brittany Rescue (Kodie)


dogs looking out the window

Younger or older, students always like to see new "sites"!

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