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We ended up with lots of dental care sites. We're combining them with sites about animals' teeth so it's all in one place.


10 Most Healthy Foods for Teeth from World Dental. Just like the rest of your body, you need healthy foods for your teeth. Everything from green tea, water, fruits, veggies, meat, onions, and more. The article explains why each is good for your teeth.


ADA for Kids from the American Dental Association has basic dental facts (animated). There's also a read-along about visiting the dentist for primary ages, a tooth facts/trivia game, careers information, and a word search!


Bad breath (halitosis) from Teen Health. One page article covers *Causes of bad breath, *Signs of bad breath, and *What to do if you have bad breath. Lots of information in a small space.


Bad teeth and heart disease A link has been found between bad teeth and the risk of heart disease. Cavities and gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis = a greater risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. “Periodontitis is not just a dental disease." See a dentist regularly. Brush and floss every day. The original article was published in the journal Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism. This link goes to Business Insider Australia.


Best and Worst Foods for Your Teeth from St. John Providence Health System. "Although some foods invite tooth decay, others help combat plaque buildup. Here are some foods to seek out and some to avoid." There's a list of these, and tips on ways to help prevent tooth decay.


Brilliant Brushers "Help Sonic Simon clean teeth with Philip's Sonicare! You have 2 minutes to clean your teeth. Use Sonic Simon and the Sonicare for Kids toothbrush." Fast action, several levels, and fun music make this game good clean fun!


Colgate Kids World From the Colgate toothpaste people comes this kid-friendly site with dental health-related games for kids and .pdf activities for parents and teachers to download.


NewCommon Dental Procedures A 3:20 video on the Facebook Science Nature page.
Commen dental prcedures such as braces, replacing teeth, fillings, and more, using the
newest dental techniques, are shown. Much less scary than 50 years ago!


Cosmic Clean "Sonic Simon is back! And he has brought a friend, Sonic Sophie. This time he is taking the mission for sparkling teeth to space."


Coyote teeth are typical predator teeth,
same as dog and wolf teeth.
Find out more about carnassial teeth here.









Dental Health from the Center for Young Women's Health, Boston Children's Hospital. Contains four pages with information about Keeping Your Teeth Clean, Cavities, Wisdom Teeth, and Braces. Part of a much larger site.


Dental Learning Games For Kids "Learning about brushing your teeth, going to the dentist, getting braces and other dentist oriented topics can be fun for kids as well as giving them the tools they need to take care of their own teeth. Fear of the unknown is one of the major reasons kids are afraid of going to the dentist. Teach them about dental hygiene so they are not in the dark. Take the fear out of going to the dentist with fun, learning games about dental hygiene!"


Dinosaur Teeth from Zoom Dinosaurs. Find out about all the different kinds of dino teeth! Did dinosaurs brush? Did they need to? What are gastroliths, and why did dinosaurs need them?


Growing Teeth Forever - A Tooth Fairy's Dream!! from The Shark Side of Life! (which is in Animals) You have to scroll down a little to see it. On the way, check out "Bite Me! On second thought... Please Don't!" to learn some basics about shark teeth. Then go down to Growing Teeth Forever to find out things like: Sharks have no jawbones!, They have about 30,000 replacement teeth ready to go!, and sharks couldn't care less about brushing and flossing! Then check out the pics of teeth from different species.


Healthy Teeth Healthy Kids Site for adults covers dental health and taking care of teeth and gums. Starts with prenatal (for the moms) and moves up through adulthood. Specific tips on dental health for babies, small kids, tweens, and teens. Teaches you how to teach your kids. There are sections for Health Care Providers and Child Advocates, and how to find a dentist.



Spotted Hyaena dentitionYawning Hyena, photo by Einat Zobel

A Spotted Hyena displays its massive bonecrushing molars!
Predators crush bones to get at the marrow inside.



Kids Tooth Care "Tooth brushing | Dental Care for Preschoolers | Preventing Cavities | Nick" has games and activities, flashcards, a poster, a certificate, stickers, and more for younger kids/preschoolers. There are Kids Toothcare Videos, and best of all there are video Tips for Parents of Preschoolers: Cavities in Preschoolers, Basic Tooth Care for Kids, and Finding the Right Dentist. And if those cute Nick Jr. videos constantly running on every page annoy you, just mute or pause them.


Mouth Power Online "What is the secret to a healthy smile? Taking good care of your teeth! Explore Mouthie's online laboratory to learn how to brush your teeth, what tobacco can do to your mouth, and how to make healthy food choices." Kids are guided through various animated activities designed to teach them about good dental hygiene. Very kid-friendly.


MySmileKids from Delta Dental. "Learn about dental health the fun way, with stories, games and tips…". Very active site with music and talking cartoon characters, with interactive animated activities, very colorful.


Nutrition from the Animals section of the Learning Zone of Oxford University Museum of Natural History. This page discusses ways to tell what an animal eats, emphasizing the three main tooth types: incisors, canines, and molars. Then animals are typed based on what they eat: Carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores. There's a whole page of skull and teeth comparisons for students to look at. Click "Look at more animal skulls and different types of teeth" right above the koala on Page One. The skull & teeth page is tricky: there is an anteater in there, a barbirusa is a type of pig, and a bearcat is also called a binturong. Also, be aware that some carnivores eat insects, and that they are called insectivores. What do you think their teeth look like?


These two Antarctic native seals share a common ancestor. The Crabeater Seal on the (skull on the left) eats krill. Its teeth filter out the tiny shrimp. The Leopard Seal on the right eats Crabeater Seals. It prefers to eat penguins and fish.

Teeth of Crabeater Seal, a filter feeder, eats krillLeopard Seal teeth


a krill filter feedingAnd here's that krill that everything eats! Krills filter-feed, using their legs to catch smaller plankton.



Quizzes about Tooth and Dental Anatomy - Two online quizzes for students of all ages. The Dental Anatomy quiz is for intermediate to advanced-level students. The Parts of a Tooth quiz is for younger school children. Both quizzes have Pre-test study materials: a detailed graphic (pictures of tooth structure), with "terms and definitions". A fast way to get through a dental unit and have the students retain the material.


Simplyteeth "is a unique dental website. It is a complete dental reference to teeth and gums, normal and abnormal, healthy and unhealthy. Dental information is presented to the public for the first time that takes the patient into the world of dentistry. The information is reliable and is provided by the most reputable sources." The site layout makes it easy to get around. The site's divided up thusly:

  • Adult & Adolescent Dentistry - "Your questions answered"
  • Children's Dentistry - "Your questions answered"
  • Dental Dictionary - very good reference, with terms and vocabulary explained
  • Index - comprehensive alphabetical index
  • Insurance Products - dental insurance explained

    Smoking and oral health from the British Dental Health Foundation. Discusses all the bad things that can happen to smokers' teeth and what they can do to help their teeth (apart from quitting).


    Teeth and eating - Play "The Sarah Jane Adventures team from CBBC join Bitesize to play a Science teeth and eating activity." A BBC KS-2 level adventure. It's pretty good, and will definitely teach kids about different sorts of teeth!


    Teeth and eating (the old activity) Fit the correct set of teeth for each animal! They all eat different things, so be on your toes! Very good BBC KS2 Bitesize section that teaches kids all about teeth! There's a four page online picture textbook, a good Activity to keep kids engaged, followed by a 10 question Quiz. We recommend you go through the site by clicking on the red "Next >" in the bottom right hand corner. After reading the facts on teeth, click on the red "Activity" in the bottom left hand area, and then click on the "Quiz" next to it.


    The teeth of a dog, for your edification.

    Dog dentition


    Teeth Text from Free Resources for the Primary Classroom is a jpg graphic that shows baby teeth and adult teeth side by side so kids can compare them. "Deciduous" is an adjective meaning "falling off or shed seasonally or at a certain stage of development in the life cycle " according to Miriam-Webster. Baby teeth fit in this category, just as leaves do.


    Timelapse: Braces Straightening Teeth "Prepare to be mesmerized, slightly horrified, and then say "Huh—those really work!" This short video shows 18 months in the life of an 11-year-old girl's dental braces." Kids getting braces should be comforted viewing this.


    Wisdom Teeth from the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons tells everything about wisdom teeth, with plenty of graphics. Explains why nearly everyone has their wisdom teeth out and how it's done.


    What to eat to keep your teeth is the theme of this short page from Delta Dental. A list of foods that actually help your teeth and gums, and how each one works.


    small xylitol chartClick on this image to see the much larger poster! This was done by Compound Interest 2014 ( for Sweet Bites ( Xylitol gum fights tooth decay. Losing your teeth is hard on anyone, worse for impoverished children. This poster explains it all.





    Your Teeth from Kids' Health gives basic information on baby teeth, tooth anatomy, types of teeth, and tooth care.Taking Care of Your Teeth expands on tooth care, discusses gingivitis, toothbrushes and brushing; floss and flossing. There are links to related articles.


    We're Not Even Done with this list! Stay tuned!

    puppyDog hangin out

    This puppy still has baby teeth! Big dog is just hanging out!



    Good Sites! Good sites for kids. Good sites for teachers. Good sitesfor parents. Good education sites for all.

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