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This site was last updated on 1 January 2024


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Good Sites! Good sites for kids. Good sites for teachers. Good sites for parents. Good education sites for all.


This is our always changing list of recently added sites, plus the occasional oldie. 
Generally, sites get added on the top and eventually get taken off the bottom.



Astronomers Discover Rare Solar System

Where Planets Orbit in Mathematical Harmony

The “resonant” planets could provide insight about how
such systems form and evolve—and why our own solar
system is not synced up.

Going in Astronomy



Going in Astronomy


A Gathering of Nations
Images from McKenney & Hall's History of the Indian
Tribes of North America

"Thomas Loraine McKenney (1785-1859) served as Commissioner
of Indian Affairs 1824-1830.  In that capacity he commissioned
and collected portraits of Native Americans for his Gallery in
the War Department.  Most of the portraits were painted by
Charles Bird King (1785-1862) in Washington, D.C.,
during visits of Native delegations. McKenney's goal was to
publish a record of vanishing peoples: portraits, biographical
sketches, and a history of North American Indians.  He
accomplished this in the first issue of
History of the Indian Tribes of North America, published in
three volumes between 1836 and 1844.
143 Native American portraits are preserved in McKenney &
Hall's monumental work."

Why is this important?

"The History of the Indian Tribes of North America is a record of
vanishing peoples: portraits, biographical sketches, and a history
of North American Indians.  It is one of the finest and most
beautiful examples of hand-colored American lithography. 
It is one of the earliest collections of Native American portraits. 
Because most of the original portraits were destroyed in a fire
in the Smithsonian Institution in 1865 these images form the
only record not only of the individuals portrayed, but also of
important works of 19th Century American artists."
If you want to see Native people as they looked 200 years
ago, in their finest clothes, in their proud dignity, this is
the prime source.
Going in Art and Native Americans


Butterfly Nebula captured by the Hubble space telescope

Going in Astronomy



A vividly restored Minoan fresco of the "Saffron Goddess"
Approximately 3,600 years old, it was discovered in the
prehistoric city of Akrotiri on Santorini (ancient Thera)
source = Ancient Civilizations
Going in Ancient History and Art



All Things British Past And Present
by Gwynethe Bell


Most people know her as a film actress, but she worked
with the resistance groups during WW2 to defeat the Nazis.
The 15-year-old Hepburn delivered a resistance newspaper.
"I stuffed them in my woolen socks in my wooden shoes, got
on my bike and delivered them," she said. Paper was in short
supply, you see, so each edition was printed on paper smaller
than a napkin. Hepburn's age and ability to speak English
made her uniquely qualified to avoid suspicion. So the
15-year-old future star could slip into an area of downed
Allied pilots to pass messages and bear food packages.
If she had been caught, though, it would have been disastrous.


This was in Belgium during World War Two 1940-1945.

Audrey at age 15.

Wow never knew this, what a
brave young woman she was.

Going in Women's History

Meteor Shower Calendar

"The meteor showers listed below are
the easiest to observe and provide
the most activity."
As of November 2017, 2023:
When is the next meteor shower?
Well, you need to know that there are
currently 4 active meteors showers:

- Orionids
- Southern Taurids
- Northern Taurids
- Leonids
Each one has an animated 3-D
interactive show of each meteor
shower that features zoom in, zoom out,
choose your view, dramatic graphics!

Going in Astronomy



To give students a passing familiarity
with this old Gaelic writing system.
Going in Ancient History


Going in Intermediate Mathematics and
Secondary Mathematics




Inyan Kara Mountain, Wyoming

Like its neighbor, Devil's Tower, Inyan Kara
has plenty of columnar basalt.
Some of it is shown below:
Both photos are from summitpost

Going in Black Hills


Red Butte, Wyoming
This 5,747 foot summit is south of Inyan Kara
in the red rock area that circles much of the
Black Hills of Wyoming and South Dakota.

Red sandstone capped by limestone!
credit = summitpost
Going in Black Hills


Sami People: Facts And History
The Sami (Sámi) people, who live in the
far north of Europe, have never had a
sovereign state of their own, and today,
they live in four countries: Norway,
Sweden, Finland, and Russia.
Approximately 80,000 Sami people live
in these four countries; however, around
half live in almost all parts of Norway.
Currently, there are Sami political, cultural,
and youth organizations in all four countries
and a Sami Parliament in each of the three
Scandinavian ones. Lots of pictures and facts.
Going in Native Americans


Daily Life of the Aztecs: A Blend of
Agriculture, Hierarchy, and Culture

Here's a great article about the different parts
of Aztec civilization. Plenty of links to more
specialized pages. There is a great deal to
learn from these ancient people who built
a thriving society.
Going in History and Native Americans

Going in History and Native Americans


Templeborough Roman fort in South Yorkshire
visualized 3D flythrough, produced for
Brotherhood Museums and Archives.

Going in Ancient History


Going in Dinos and Paleo


Lost City of Sigiriya

Going in Ancient History



How an 18th Century Sailing Battleship Works
Fly through a wooden warship from the age of sail!

Exhaustive 25 minute Youtube video. It is
amazing what humans can make, within
the constraints of their current technology.

Going in History and Technology



What is the structure of Plant and Animal Cells?
"The cellular level is the most important and
fundamental level in the organisation of the living
world. So in order to understand Cell Biology, we
should study all the aspects of the structure and
functions of cells. Also, it is necessary to understand
the difference between plant and animal cells."

Going in Animals and Living Things



History of Star Forts

aerial photo of a star fort

Going in History and Technology

How Aqueducts Work

Going in Ancient History & Archaeology
and Technology


20 Idioms About Money
from the Grammar Blog
"While these cultural phrases are easily understood
by native speakers, language learners may be tripped
up by their meaning. This blog explains why that is
and provides you with 20 examples of common
English money idioms, along with their actual
To help you understand when and where to use
idioms about money, we've compiled a list of the
most commonly used phrases, their meaning, and
examples of how to use these idioms in a sentence."

Going in ESL and Grammar



Virtual Tour of Lascaux Cave with Colleen McGrath
Tells you things about the official French government
virtual tourand how it works.

Vimeo's fast tour of Lascaux 2:45 video

The official French government virtual tour will go here
(in progress)

Ancient History & Archaeology, Art, and Dinos & Paleo


VIRTUAL TOUR: Inside Chauvet Cave
| Google Arts & Culture


Chauvet cave: Preserving prehistoric art
- BBC News



Hi, kids! I'm Dakota! I am one of the Brittanies here at
Good Sites for Kids! I'm a retired hunter and a mama.
My fur-sister Lily and I are American Brittanies, both
rescues, and both South Dakota natives. When we're not
helping out on the site, we patrol the property,
chase rabbits and squirrels, say hi to the kids at the school
playground and the dogs next door, rack out on our beds, ask
for treats, and hang out with our humans!
American Brittany Rescue (Lily) National Brittany Rescue (Kodie)



dogs looking out the window

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Dogs walking past lilacs in bloom, caragana blooming in background.

We're out hunting for good sites for learning! Want to come along?



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