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This is our ever changing list of recently added sites, plus an occasional oldie. 
Generally, sites get added on the top and eventually get taken off the bottom.

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 Page last updated on 25 March 2018



Emperor penguin chicks defend against a giant petrel
See what happens when a giant petrel attacks the young penguins in this
clip from BBC Spy in the Snow. David Tennant ("Dr. Who") narrates these
shows, which use cameras disguised as animals.

Learn more about the animals in the video:

Emperor penguins

Adélie penguins

Giant Petrel, which is one of the

Tube-nosed seabirds The tubes filter out salt so the birds can drink seawater.



Do not confuse "popular" with "poplar" which is a family of trees. We don't care
if some sci-fi authors are spelling "popular" as "poplar"; poplars are trees! Our suggestion:
they should get a better spell checker.

"Genus Populus
Populus is a genus of 25–35 species of deciduous flowering plants in the family Salicaceae,
native to most of the Northern Hemisphere. English names variously applied to different
species include poplar, aspen, and cottonwood."

English translation: Poplars drop their leaves in the fall and bud out new leaves next spring;
they are members of the willow Family. Poplars live world-wide north of the equator.
Big Cottonwood trees along stream beds in the Midwest and West of Canada and the US are
a giant poplar. Other large g poplars live in what is left of the forests of Eastern North
America. The aspen trees of the Rocky Mountains are poplars. If you see a grove of aspen all
crowded together, you are seeing a clone! It's one giant plant colony with lots of trees
sharing one root system! They are all one plant. Something all poplars have in common are
those trembling leaves everyone loves. There are beautiful videos of whole mountainsides covered
with yellow-golden aspen, all trembling in the wind. Another thing they have in common is soft
wood. "Poplar" boards are from Tulip Poplars (Liriodendron tulipifera) which are no relation.
If you want hard wood, get a Maple (Genus Acer), or an Oak (Genus Quercus).


Semicolon, colon, and dashes: Are you using them correctly?

From Passnownow, a Nigerian "good site". Good explanations and examples.
Plenty more grammatical advice elsewhere on this site!


A Brief History of Pi (16:45 Youtube video) by
Simon Clark, Esquire that covers Pi through the
ages. Really impressive the way various ancients used
geometry to kludge Pi out to dozens, then hundreds
of decimal places. Entertaining and truthful. One of
many academic videos by Simon Clark.
Going in Secondary Mathematics


Going in Early Learning, Homeschool, & Teachers and Parents



Run-on sentences can be dangerous! Use full stops/periods
where necessary! Punctuation saves lives!

Going in Grammar and Writing


Going in Animals

How a Supervolcano Made the Cenozoic’s Coolest Fossils
from PBS Eons
"One of the most dynamic, transformative, and potentially dangerous features in North America
is also responsible for some of the continent’s most amazing fossil deposits. It’s a supervolcano
we now call Yellowstone." 9:38 video explains the migrating Yellowstone Hot Spot and the trail
it has blazed across the northwest USA; now called the Snake River Valley. Did the continent
move, or the hot spot? Discover the Ashfall Fossil Beds Monument in Nebraska. What killed
all those animals? Kind of similar to Pompeii.
Going in Dinos & Paleo and in Volcanos


Going in Early Learning, Homeschool, & Teachers and Parents


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Telling Time Sites - Learn how to tell time


This graphic links to our Telling Time page. It really helps kids learn time!

Fish eggs (called "roe")! The yellow spheres are the egg yolks.
The silver circles with the black dots are the babies' ("frys") eyes.
These an aquarium fish of the Cichlid ("sick-lid") family (Cichlidae).
Cichlids live in Africa and South America.

African Cichlid Fry Growing in Time Lapse Video
3:23 Youtube video follows babies from egg to fully-formed
little fish! Fun to watch.
Similar video here. Going in Animal Cams


Tape off sections on a canvas and let your baby be the artist!

From Robin Egg View. Comes with parts list and lots of instructions
with photos to help guide you. Just go ahead and do it.
Adult version with link list here.
Going in Early Learning.


Like other lizards and snakes, monitor lizards smell with their tongues.
Komodo Dragons are the largest living monitor lizards. Are monitor lizards
the ancestors of the mosasaurs? Research suggests mosasaurs
came from monitor lizards. Snakes may well have evolved from primitive
mosasaurs. "Monitor lizards, snakes, and mosasaurs all appear to be closely
related." -
All lizards, snakes, and "worm lizards" are squamates (click the link to
learn more about squamates). Tuataras, crocodiles/archosaurs, and turtles
are not squamates, but they are reptiles just the same.

"I'm large and in charge. My big ol' tongue is humongous!"
Going in Animals and in Dinosaurs and Paleontology.



Hippopotamus - underwater walker from San Diego Zoo Kids
Hippos are the closest relatives of whales that aren't whales!

Newborn hippo!

Click these photos to see another kid-friendly hippo article!

Click this photo below to learn about hippo dangers!
Grown hippo males are the most dangerous animals in Africa.
Like some kind of giant honey badger with major attitude.

Going in Animals



Click this photo to read NMSU's tribute to this brave, good woman.
Going in Black History/ Civil Rights and Women's History



Going in Ancient History and in Dinosaurs & Paleontology



Area Formulas for different shapes.
Going in Intermediate Math



Going in Ancient History



ZPupp Gets Her HPV Vaccine, LIVE! |
Dr. Zubin Damania, MD, hospitalist, in Las Vegas, films his 11-year-old as
she gets her HPV vaccination (and DTaP, and meningitis). Very good video.
The HPV virus causes a vicious kind of cancer, anywhere on the body.
11 is a good age to get this vaccine. Going in Health



Going in Health


The Mummy Song (Awful Egyptians) 1:40 video demonstrates (more or less) how mummies
were made. From Horrible Histories, a BBC trove of funny history videos.

Going in Ancient History




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Younger or older, students always like to see new "sites"!

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