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D-Day 6 June 1944

Snoopy, the D-Day pic


D Day map






BRAVEST OF THE BRAVE Courage of the D-Day landings brought to life
in haunting colourised photos
30 period photos from the D Day beaches.
Click on the first photo to start. That will bypass all the ads!


9 Remarkable D-Day Photos Colourised by Marina Amaral a Brazilian
graphic artist. Brazil was one of our Allies in WW II, too. Troops from
Brazil fought on our side in Italy and France. Brazilian ships and planes
helped escort convoys and hunted U-boats.


U.S. Army official history site, with video


Imperial War Museum (IWM) D-Day: Teachers' Sources


D-Day from The History Channel


The National WWII Museum: D-Day: June 6, 1944


The History Place - Defeat of Hitler: D-Day Invasion


Wikipedia - lots of photos



Courage does not mean you are not afraid.
It means you go in anyway.

Photo of Landings 


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