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Why have this site? Statement of purpose

The purpose of this site is to help you, whether you are a teacher, a parent, a homeschooling parent/teacher, or some other interested party who is looking for good sites to help a child’s education. When it comes to finding good sites for education, we try to provide links to the best sites we can find.

This site started out as a way for busy teachers to access good quality, useful internet sites for classroom curriculum use. This site is designed to help:

  • a busy teacher (is there any other sort?) alone with a classroom of kids in a computer lab, often stocked with older computers;
  • or the same teacher with a computer station as part of classroom learning station rotation;
  • or a parent in need of good sites to reinforce their kids’ learning.
  • In the school systems where we taught, elementary computer teachers were part time and covered two or three schools during the week. Eventually, the elementary computer positions were eliminated! There was a need for a simply made web page, that even primary kids could use, that would quickly take them to whatever site their teacher directed them to use.

    What we did was to find as many good math and language arts sites as we could and simply list them as links. Later, science, social studies, selected games, and general interest sites were added by teacher request. Still later, it was all organized and alphabetized, as the list grew ever longer. Now we find it's getting so big it'll have to reorganized. Again.

    We wanted to keep the site easy to use but also wished to add other features and sections for a larger audience, such as teachers looking for lesson plans or just for curriculum ideas. Now that the site is "public", we welcome parents and kids at home, including homeschoolers and unschoolers.

    Since this site is basically a list of links, we are sensitive to broken links, sites that do not want to be linked to, sites that change so as to lose their value, and new sites that should be listed. We really try to monitor listed sites; however, we are not, nor can we be, responsible for the content of other sites.

    Many of the sites listed are interactive and require Flash, Shockwave, or QuickTime to work at their best. Windows XP and up should have no problems, also GSFK looks OK on Macs, Kindle Fire, iPhones, & most pads. So far, our site seems to work on all browsers we have tried.

    We include sites that let you download software. Downloads posted here must be free for your use, even if some have options to upgrade or subscribe.

    Some of the sites we post are subscription sites we thought were pretty good. We are not telling you to subscribe. If a site is advertising on GSFK we will state that where the site is listed.

    Why is the site so simply laid out? You could make it look more professional!

    It's made so five year olds with no computer experience at all can use it. If they can use it with no worries, then older students can use it too.  Oh, yeah, we actually do computer lab with five year olds! And 18 year olds. And all ages between.

    This site gets worked on after work and on weekends. Thoughts? Email us.

    (here's some extra site pix - American Brittanies Rule!)

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