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The Geographer by Vermeer, 1668The Geographer ("De Geograff"),
by Johannes Vermeer, painted 1668-69.

Click on the painting to learn more about
Vermeer and the 17th century Netherlands.






New Site

Five-year-old Mongol girl practicing the tradtional art of
horseback archery. It got them an empire once.



50 States Basic facts on all 50 states of the USA.


50 States in 10 Minutes Can you type in the correctly spelled names of all 50 US states in 10 minutes? Type them in any order, can even be all lowercase, but must be correctly spelled. "Helpful" countdown timer tells you how much time is left, adds stress.


360° Panorama of London "The 320 gigapixel image - taken by expert photography firm 360Cities – comprises 48,640 individual frames which have been collated into a single panorama by a supercomputer." Taken from atop a very tall skyscraper, you see everything for many kilometres (or miles) in all directions! There are about eight million people in London, and you probably see most of them.


A Year of Reading the World- The list This is the list of 196 books, one from every country in the world, that Londoner Ann Morgan read in 365 days. An article from the BBC, " Reading the world in 196 books " tells the story of her quest to even find a book from every country. An article from The Atlantic discusses her favorites among the 196 books. Amy Poehler's Smart Girls on FB endorsed this. We endorse it because we feel learning about the people in the other 195 countries is essential to a young person's education.


True size of Africa Africa is much larger than it is shown on most maps! Honest!


Atlapedia Like an online almanac, with country info and stats, political and regional maps, and downloadable maps.


A brief history of time zones is a brief history of time zones via interactive globe. This BBC site shows every time zone all around the world. GMT is explained, International Date Line, times zones in different countries, daylight saving time, and more. Kids can slide the horizontal scrollbar to move to other time zones and read more articles.



New SiteAncient Silk Road – First Global Supply Chain
This is a commercial site that specializes in teaching
principles of business and logistics through case studies.
Accurate and wonderful descriptions and maps explain
the distances, trade goods, and the cities along the way.
Students do NOT have to subscribe and do the case study
(unless they want to and have the funds and the knowledge).

"The Ancient Silk Road was approximately 4,000 miles (6,440 km)
from its start in China to its end on the shore of the eastern
Mediterranean. This compares with 2,440 miles ( 3930 km) between
New York and Los Angeles, and 1,760 miles (2,830 km) between Paris
and Moscow."
Covers the oasis cities, the camels that carried the goods, the
various merchandise they transported:

"You are head of the largest merchant trading house on the Silk Road. It is
the year 210 AD, and the long prosperity of the Pax Romana has created
strong demand in the Roman Empire for the luxury products you import from
China and India. Chief among those products is silk. Everybody who is
anybody wants their clothes made of silk.

Along the length of the Silk Road stretching from the borders of the
Roman Empire in the west to the Middle Kingdom (China) in the east,
there are many cities and many merchants, yet all know your company and
your name : you are the Trading House of Barmakid, in the city of Merv."



'Black Marble' satellite images of Earth unveiled - in pictures "Scientists have unveiled a new image of Earth at night. A global composite image, dubbed Black Marble, was constructed using cloud-free night images from a new Nasa and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration satellite. It shows the glow of natural and human-built phenomena across the planet in greater detail than ever before." Ten images show pretty much all of Earth at night. Geography classes could work on identifying continents, countries, cities and towns, lakes, oceans, highways, oil fields, fishing fleets, etc. Credit: This slideshow is posted in the Science section of theguardian.


Map of Canada

Map of Canada by littlepaperforest on deviantart.
Charming, whimsical, and BIG (1600x1200) map.
All the provinces and capitals are shown, also what
each province is known for. This is all over Pinterest,
too, but the original's on deviantart.



New Site
CHINA IN CLASSROOM is a 46-page .pdf document
about Chinese culture, geography, history, and peoples.
It's provided by the Chinese Consulate in Chicago.


CIA World Factbook Excellent information source for any country in the world. Well laid out site. It's now a secure site. Well, it is the CIA.


Australian flagContinents: A Student's Resource This great Australian page was suggested to us by a lady in Utah! Isn't the Internet great? Lists all continents, links to facts about all of them, list of all past supercontinents and their times, continental drift & tectonics, populations, other facts. also has history of continents, supercontinents of the future, much more. Links to a ton of information, all on one page! Thanks Liz Curtis, who suggested this link & said nice things about our Social Studies section!




ISS now head.pngISS now.png

International Space Station - Current position of the ISS "Where is the International Space Station right now?" You can find that out with this site! It always shows "What the astronauts see right now.", which is a straight down view onto a Google Earth surface. "Ground track" shows the ISS' position on a map of the world. Both displays are always on, and are updated by the second. UTC time, latitude and longitude, speed, and altitude are all shown. Choose between miles and kilometers. What a wonderful data source for mathematics story/word problems, geography projects, and astronomy.






Chinese Zodiac Why is 2019 the Year of the Earth Pig? How many animals are there, how many colors and elements? What is there a 60 year cycle and a 12 year cycle? Find out all about it this series of sites. Each animal in the zodiac gets its own long page of facts overload! At the bottom of each page is a list of all the animals in the zodiac. Each has its Chinese character and how to say it in Chinese. Quite a resource.


Netherlands flagCyberkidz "is an educational platform for boys and girls in the age of 4 till 12 years. By playing the educational games, children will practise subjects they learn in elementary school (PK-5)." The games are sorted by year from age 4 to 12, using a sliding bar. There are dozens of fun, playable games in every curriculum category, with new ones being added. This is an excellent site from the Netherlands.


NASA has a free e-book titled "Earth As Art". It's full of stunning photographs and fascinating information, download the pdf here: Freeware such as Calibre will convert the pdf to various e-book formats


Earth's Seasons from Enchanted Learning. Find out about the Equinox, the Solstice, and the seasons of the year at this fine offering.


Flag of NetherlandsEducational games from "On this page you can find the overview of the educational games from All games can be played full screen on a PC, a tablet (Android Tablets, iPad, etc) or mobile phone (Android, iOS)." Here's a diverse group of kids' games, from numeracy to multiplication, with some early language arts, some geography, time, hieroglyphics, and some money math. Here they are by subject with the number of games in parentheses:

  • Multiplication (8)
  • Addition (7)
  • Subtraction (2)
  • Fractions (3)
  • Learn to count (7)
  • Kindergarten games (2)
  • Language (3)
  • Topography USA (5)
  • Topography Europe (2)
  • Clocks (4)
  • History (2)
  • Money games (3)
  • A big Thank You to Marcel van de Wouw. These are nice!



    Flag of Canada Famous Canadians "The infographic is a virtual Canadian Hall of Fame. It showcases influential Canadians who have contributed to scientific and social development, economic security and prosperity, and the creative arts. The infographic was designed to show visitors that Canada is home to great people who were visionaries and history-makers." This very informative page is from CanadaFaq, a site devoted to "Everything You Need to Know About Canada"; geography, history, people, finance, education, economy, immigrating, jobs, etc. Kudos to Vera Johnes at CanadaFaq, for the email telling us about this fine web site.


    Flags of the World is the world's oldest and largest site about flags. "Here you can read more than 49,000 pages about flags and view more than 91,000 images of flags of countries, organizations, states, territories, districts and cities, both past and present." There are several ways to look up flags, too.


    Flu Trends from Google. Use this interactive Google world map to see, country by country, where the flu is bad, where it's absent, and anything in between. Not just countries, either: for many countries you can check by state or province! If you want to check on Alberta, Aragon, Arequipa, Buenos Aires Province, Franche-Compte, Hessen, Illinois, Kwazulu-Natal, Minas Gerais, or Western Australia, and lots more. This was a Kim Komando Cool Site of the Day.


    GIS Resources "Resource for GIS Welcome to the World of Global Information Systems" Lots of valuable links to maps sites, GIS lesson plans & education sites, geography links, and much more! Along with its sister GPS site, this is part of an Illinois-based ed initiative.


    GPS Resources "Welcome to the World of Global Positioning Systems. The following links will hopefully give the participants a resource to obtain information about GPS, sources to companies related to GPS, projects that are using GPS, and educational sites that have a wealth of information." A wealth of information about, and links to, GPS lesson plans and activities, Geocaching activities, the Travel Bug project, more. Along with its sister GIS site, this is part of an Illinois-based ed initiative.


    Geography Maps : Atlas of Europe and World Atlas Two separate sections highlight all the countries, rivers, and mountain ranges of Europe and of the entire world. Great geography resource.


    Geonet from Houghton-Mifflin. Upper level (US high school) geography drills. Students will have to dig for answers and will have to read and think.


    Geography Dictionary & Glossary - The ABC of Geography "Welcome to possibly the most comprehensive geographic related dictionary on the internet for students... Over 1400 terms defined. This dictionary is primarily aimed at supporting secondary/senior/high school and early tertiary students who are studying Geography or related subjects such as Earth Sciences." Everything A to Z, from Abiotic to Zonal Soil. This excellent site from Hong Kong will become your fast reference for geographical terms. We want to thank Danny Harrington (BA Hons. Oxon), for this great addition to these pages.


    Geography from Space Geography from Space from the Smithsonian. "The Geography from Space contest is held every year during National Geography Awareness Week (in November). Contestants are challenged to identify geographic locations on the Earth based on a satellite or aerial image and a brief clue." The quizzes on this page are from the previous 10 years, at this point (9/2013). They are great, challenging geography questions.


    Geography Quiz Online point and click interactive quizzes on US states, Canada, China, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Central and South America, Caribbean, Oceania, and Continents and Oceans. (Try saying that fast.) We used these with teenagers, and the quizzes are very good.


    Geography Quiz from Learning Planet. Fast interactive USA political geography for 4th grade and up.


    Geography Quizzes from JetPunk. Big list of good online quizzes.


    Geoguessr "Embark on a journey that takes you all over the world. From the most desolate roads in Australia to the busy, bustling streets of New York City." May be too hard for middle schoolers unless they do it in groups. Teachers could walk younger students through the game by asking questions of the class and giving hints. It's a game to see if you can figure where you are, using Google Street View. All you know at the start is that you are somewhere on Earth. If that's too much area for you, there are maps of cities (New York City, London, Paris, etc.) and of countries (Canada, Australia, UK, Netherlands, etc.) and the European Union! Be a detective and a geographer. It's fun to use clues such as traffic signs, language, architecture, climate, trees, crops, and anything else you can find. ("Hmm. Olive trees and palm trees. That sign looks like it's in Spanish.") You could look up names of towns. ("I wonder what country Poznan is in?") Talk about honing skills! Try it out!


    What Is Gerrymandering? A short video explains what's wrong with this ugly political practice. Watching it gives learners the needed background to appreciate the importance of fighting gerrymandering with geometry!


    Meet the Math Professor Who’s Fighting Gerrymandering With Geometry
    This link's from A Mighty Girl's Facebook site. The original article
    from The Chronicle of Higher Education explains it in a more academic way.
    Basically, Professor Moon Duchin of Tufts University, "has helped create a
    program to train mathematicians to serve as expert witnesses in court
    cases over redrawn electoral districts." Since courts all the way up to
    the US Supreme Court have problems understanding gerrymandering,
    this is a good plan to overcome this evil practice.
    Read one or both articles, and learn.



    Go Social Studies Go "Go Social Studies Go integrates fun content with the coolest links, videos, and games found on the net. In addition, we’ve teamed with with Cramstoppers, a free quiz making site that allows students to take their education one step further. " This site constantly adds new things to read and do. American and World History, World Geography, Global Religions, Choose Your Own Adventure, links, more. Oodles of subcategories in each! We ran on the Underground Railroad, read about Archduke Ferdinand's assassination, checked out the Silk Road, learned about African geography ("Place is huge!"). This is middle school through high school level, maybe first year college - anyway, excellent site! Shout out to "veteran social studies teacher" Ken Uhde, of Groves High School, Birmingham, Michigan, its creator!


    Google Streets in the Deep The Instructify site wrote: "The good people at Google Street View have recently partnered with The Catlin Seaview Survey to provide underwater street views (italics ours) of several breathtaking reefs around the world. You can take your students on a fieldtrip to swim with sea turtles and manta rays without having to be scuba-certified. From identifying the variety of aquatic life forms depicted in and around the reefs to writing short stories set in the reefs; the possibilities for classroom use are as wide as the ocean and as deep as the sea. You can explore the complete collection here."


    Gall-Peters vs Mercator Two different projections of the world map.

    One is much more accurate comparing sizes of islands and continents; the other is traditional, comfortable, and exaggerates the size of the northern (or "white") countries. Watch the video, then research this for your own edification.


    Grand Canyon Street View from Google. Explore the Grand Canyon, Colorado River, Phantom Ranch, and Meteor Crater! This wonderful grouping is FREE and you can look at these landmarks from anywhere! There's even music if you want it.



    Hang Son Doong from Ryan Deboodt (6:19 video) "Take an otherworldly journey through Hang Son Doong, the world's largest cave, by both ground and air. Filmed near the entrance and the first and second dolines (skylights) which are 2.5 and 3.5 km inside the cave respectively." "The Son Doong Cave in Vietnam is the biggest cave in the world. It's over 5.5 miles long, has a jungle and river, and could fit a 40-story skyscraper within its walls."
    The Son Doong official site has huge amounts of photos and other graphics, and lots of data. As if that weren't enough, there's a Pinterest page.



    WE ARE A HORSE NATION “This Film will tell the world our stories, and show the world our visuals, from our own perspectives... as the Oceti Sakowin. To present a quality Documentary Film that will tell the story of why we (Oceti Sakowin) are a “Sunka Wakan Oyate” (Horse Nation). This film will present that story through the voices of the Oceti Sakowin (Lakota, Dakota & Nakota). This project will be a working example of the philosophy of the Oceti Sakowin, and as “relatives” we will bring together Traditional & Contemporary Lakota/Dakota/Nakota songs, stories, teachings, experiences, knowledge, thoughts & beliefs, to be compiled for a one-of-a-kind film resource; to be utilized by the intended audience of the future generations of the Oceti Sakowin." This is a seven minute preview.


    Kids Web Japan is a great site about Japan for kids. Everything kids would want to know is here, including anime and manga. Also history, culture, folk tales, interactive things to make and do, etc.


    Language Guide Want to learn alphabets and vocabulary words from other languages? " offers free sound integrated resources for learning languages." The site features pictures of various things with written and spoken names in several languages. Words are pronounced by volunteer native speakers. Current languages are English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese. Sponsored by Language Guide, a registered non-profit organization, the site is free to use but they do ask for donations. Uses QuickTime.

  "Search More Than 2 million U.S. Locations in an Instant! Search More than 2 Million Places: Parks, cemeteries, bridges and post offices. Find these and more on" This site is a list of all 50 US states. You can click on a state and check out its features by category (did you know South Dakota has 91 canals?) or you can search by item and a state pulldown menu from the main page (example: glaciers in Alaska.) Google Maps display each item. Latitudes and longitudes are given in tradish degrees, minutes, and seconds; also in decimal degrees.


    Maps4Kids  "Data is available on every State in the US, as well as for every Country in the world ! is a great resource for fast facts about places in our world. The Top 10 page shows you the highest, longest, most populous."


    Interactive Medieval Map made with FlashMedieval Map "This website illustrates the historical changes that occurred in the Medieval Era (400 - 1500) with an interactive map." Understatement! Move back and forth through time in 10 to 50 year intervals. Click on one button to show cities, another to show decisive battles. Click the ? button to see a modern map. For battles, there is a brief synopsis in a popup window, with the option to go to Wikipedia. Clicking on a city icon sends you directly to Wikipedia. The map shows all the contemporary peoples and states for the period you choose. Clicking on any label (example: "Balts") brings up a three-section pie graph. One section - the "W", sends you to Wikipedia. Clicking the folder" icon opens up a book or article, if there is one (in this case an e-book called "The Balts", by Marija Gimbutas). Clicking on the "film" icon will open a video, if there is one. The site is constantly being improved. It's quite a trip through time for middle school and older. Visual learners may finally grasp the idea of huge groups of peoples moving across Europe. See empires and kingdoms rise and disappear. Wonder at names like the Umayyads, the White Sheep Turks, the Principality of Polotsk, Navarre, Swabia, Trebizond, and all the rest.


    Mount Everest Gigapan These are some amazing jaw dropping zoom WAY in wide angle pan of Mount Everest and the area around it. The views are absolutely astounding. You can zoom in on people! It's mountain and glacier time! Anyway, just go there and zoom around.


    Multicultural Education through Miniatures from the College of Education, University of South Florida. "Multicultural Education through Miniatures includes photos, maps, stories, and games of handmade dolls and puppets from all over the world. This website can increase global awareness for children and adults. Explore by clicking Select a Photo, See Entire List, or Click a Map. Cultural games are also available at Go to Activity. Students and teachers can use the pictures, stories, and games for educational purposes." This site will increase geographical awareness. It is at an upper elementary reading level, also the dolls are amazing!


    My Wonderful World "Geography is more than places on a map. It's global connections and incredible creatures. It's people and cultures, economics and politics. And it's essential to understanding our interconnected world." Thanks, Tessia.


    National Geographic Kids "Features different people, animals, and places each month with facts, games, activities, and related links." Well, hey, it's National Geographic.  Very educational, and the games are fun, too.


    National Geographic Map Machine Zoom in on locations worldwide.


    National Geographic Xpeditions Atlas Maps made for printing and copying.


    Native Words Native Warriors. The story of the Code Talkers in World Wars One and Two, from the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of the American Indian. Well done site tells the story of these good, brave men, as told by the Code Talkers themselves. Plenty of photos and explanations.


    Netstate "Learn About the 50 States! Armadillos to Yellowhammers!" (What about Zap, North Dakota?) Kinda like 50States but different. Besides having a Visit the States window listing all 50 states, this site has a menu of categories on the left side of the main screen that offers tons of information about each state.


    Oglala Lakota College logoOglala Lakota College A tribally controlled institution serving the educational needs of the Lakota Oyate, focused on the Pine Ridge reservation. Use their History and Culture menu to access their excellent Oglala culture site, Lakota Archives, their large collection of Lakota language audio files, and much more.



    Ology from the American Museum of Natural History. We love this site! It covers "Ologies" such as Archaeology, Astronomy, Biodiversity, Earth, Einstein, Genetics, Marine Biology, Paleontology, and Water. The bottom half of the page has links to around 20 activities, experiments, and interviews. Then there's the Highlights section, Ask a Scientist, an Advanced section, and At the Museum. Click on the blue buttons in the At the Museum box. Only part of this great site is shown at a time. Be sure to use the Search box and enter a term like "horse" to find a ton of other information.


    ORBIS route example ORBIS The Stanford Geospatial Network Model of the Roman World. This is not your normal map! "ORBIS allows us to express Roman communication costs in terms of both time and expense. By simulating movement along the principal routes of the Roman road network, the main navigable rivers, and hundreds of sea routes in the Mediterranean, Black Sea and coastal Atlantic, this interactive model reconstructs the duration and financial cost of travel in antiquity." Short version: Travel the rivers, roads, and seas of the Empire! Find out how long it took and how much it cost. Lots of ways to get from point A to point X, depends on who you are and how much money and time you have. There's a menu bar along the top. Click Using ORBIS to watch a tutorial (it's good, we recommend it). Click the Adobe Acrobat Reader symbol at the the top right corner of the page to get the tutorial, lesson ideas, and explanations in .pdf form. Clever teachers could adapt this for any level from upper elementary up to college-level. It's that good. Different in purpose from the excellent Digital Map of the Roman Empire but both are quite detailed.


    Screenshot from the old Apple 2 series MECC Oregon Trail game - 1980s Oregon Trail for Elementary Schools This is arguably the best Oregon Trail site. Plenty of information and links. Comprehensive overview of life on the Trail. William has a broken arm. You have died of desentery.

    Oregon Trail - End of the Oregon Trail Anything you would ever want to know about the Oregon Trail, and much more. This huge site could and should be the source of many K-12 lesson plans. You should have bought more baking soda saleratus. You do not have an extra wagon wheel, so you must trade for one.


    Oregon Trail Links A large list of links to other OT sites. If you continue hunting in this area, game will become scarce.


    Panwapa - Where Kids Shape the World. "Panwapa is an imaginary floating island with characters, stories, and global explorations for kids ages 5-9. Panwapa characters introduce kids to concepts of learning about and accepting other cultures. Educators who use Panwapa can create a group on Curriki to extend and comment on the curricular questions which go along with the Panwapa videos, playalong games, and lessons." This site is great! Talking animated characters engage kids and help them choose from a variety of wonderful things to do. You have to check it out, it is great! From the Sesame Street people.


    Pirates for Kids from Mr. Nussbaum "features Pirate Biographies, Stories, Games, and Activites for Kids." Nine sections, for kids grades K - 6. Pirates of the Carribean, Barbary Pirates, Famous Pirates, Pirate Flags, Pirate Vocabulary, Interactive Pirates, Explorers, and two math games: Place Value Pirates, and Decimals of the Caribbean.

  - Online Quizzes, Tests, Trivia, Worksheets, and Free Games "... provides math quizzes for teachers and students. You can create a quiz and select the range of numbers you'd like to use. Students can grade the quiz online and generate new problems for more practice." Quizzes for all four elementary operations, plus times table quizzes and a nice metric conversion chart. There are also children's literature, science, and geography quizzes. Secondary students can practice metric conversions, some middle school science, and world geography. Thanks to [email protected] for the email!



    Reading a Map A kids' site from WebRangers,
    National Park Service (NPS), US Department of the Interior.
    This interactive video walks kids through map reading.
    It introduces topography - depictions of hill, streams, trails,
    etc. , what hilltops, slopes, and flat land look like on a "topo"
    map. Goes over parts of a map; legend, scale, and direction
    indicator or compass rose. Following trails on a map is covered.
    This elementary activity does not cover, saddles, canyons, or
    passes; but it does lay a foundation for further learning.
    There are also links to more about maps,
    a Teachers' Resource Guide, and links to many
    other WebRangers activities.


    Sami People: Facts And History
    The Sami (Sámi) people, who live in the
    far north of Europe, have never had a
    sovereign state of their own, and today,
    they live in four countries: Norway,
    Sweden, Finland, and Russia.
    Approximately 80,000 Sami people live
    in these four countries; however, around
    half live in almost all parts of Norway.
    Currently, there are Sami political, cultural,
    and youth organizations in all four countries
    and a Sami Parliament in each of the three
    Scandinavian ones. Lots of pictures and facts.



    SCORE History/Social Science "Over 5000 websites aligned to California's History/Social Science Curriculum." Explore Resources and Lessons by Standard, Grade Level Topic, or Keyword. Explore Children's Literature lesson plans/thematic units by Grades K-5 and 6-8. Help for Teachers includes - help! Also useful links such as the California Learning Resource Network ("A Guide to Standards-Aligned Electronic Learning Resources and Assessments for Teachers, Administrators, and Parents"), a whole section on Technology and Social Science - with its own lesson plans and ideas, lots more!



    Downloads Seterra - Learn Geography."Seterra is a challenging educational geography program with 70 different exercises. Learn about states, provinces, countries, capitals, flags and cities in Africa, Europe, South America, North America, Asia and Australia, using outline map exercises!" Quick, what's the capital of Slovenia? Of Texas? Where is Uppland? Find Burkina Faso! Find West Virginia! Click on Malta! This is wonderful freeware that really works with kids ages 9 and up - we've used it! Great for high school and college geography, too. From the talented lady in Sweden who brought you Sebran! New and improved! Seterra can now be played online, and micro-countries are included! Used and loved by geography teachers, it's one of our faves!


    SquinchPix Image Resource - "An Archive of European Imagery" Utterly astounding. Many thousands of artifacts, sculptures, paintings, castles, churches, temples, dishes, jars, ancient helmets, Minoan buildings, Pompeii, etc etc etc. All labelled by date made/built and location.


    State and County Quick Facts from the US Census Bureau. Tons of facts about US states and their counties.


    Dragon's Blood Tree of Socotra - a source of myrrhStrange plants of Socotra Island "It is like being on a different planet... These pictures and information are excellent viewing and reading. Socotra Island: You have to see it to believe it. This island simply blows away any notion about what is considered 'normal' for a landscape on Earth." Lots of photos of these unearthly, yet strangely beautiful plants! Also photos of people, buildings, beaches, some rare birds, more. Good explanations for it all. Go find Socotra on a map, people!



    Time Maps logoTimeMaps specialise in map-based history timelines.
    TimeMaps' FREE interactive World History Atlas is the most comprehensive history atlas on the internet. Inside you will find over 1,500 maps, well-written historical overviews, depth-articles, images and much more.
    Maps and timelines (timemaps) of every civilization, nation and empire. See the geographical context, chronology, connections and big pictures of history. FREE!" Fabulous interactive maps that branch off fractally, let students explore everything about the history of any part of the world from 3500 BC (5500 BP) to the present day. A short video shows some examples. The Atlas shows relationships between peoples and civilizations using graphics and text. It's full of information. There are also very good and inexpensive iPad, iTunes, and Chrome apps for sale, from $1 to $3 that we saw, and at least one (The Black Death) for £1.99. Are the apps worth it! In a word, yes! Our historian was nearly drooling. They also have available various teaching resources and materials.
    Popular Topics
    Click & grab the big orange button, then slide the big orange button to see 13 interactive history timelines for different parts of the world.
    This site is everything it claims to be! Enough! Go see it for yourself!


    What Time Is It Around The World Right Now?"This Flash Map of World Time displays current local time in any place around the world right now. World Time Clock & Map is an indispensable utility for everyone who deals with people abroad or anybody who is keen on knowing what time it is further than locally. This advanced Flash application is very helpful for travelers who need to know time difference around the world and want to be aware of world time zone they are traveling to, as well as for businesses which are located in different time zones and want to know current local time of their partners and customers." Also explains Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), Time Zones, Daylight Saving Time (DST), and Space Time. At the bottom of the page, there are links to Time Maps for Europe, Australia, The U.S., and Canada.


    What's my latitude and longitude? Go to this site and it will show you your latitude and longitude, based on your IP address. This could be useful as an introduction/attention step for a lesson on lat & long. Credit to David Stoline and reddit


    World Atlas Huge site of geography facts, maps of everywhere! You should check it out. If it has to do with geography, it's in here!


    World atlas dot com Huge list of trivia about the world, continents, countries, languages, money, oceans... even gives the weight of continents (how can they tell?)


    World Geography Games "Welcome! Can you point out Sudan on the map? How about the Strait of Hormuz? This website will bring you many entertaining and stimulating map games to improve your geographical knowledge. The quizzes include questions about countries, regions, bodies of water, mountains, deserts, metropolitan areas and other topics that will test and challenge your brain. For everyone who wants to explore and learn about the world, you've come to the right place!" Twenty-two very colorful, very accurate, interactive modules. These are all either "click on" _____ or "drag the correct label to" _____ exercises, perfect to learn geographic facts. Modules are forgiving and will help students learn. Available in English, Dutch, German, French, and Spanish. PS: There's a similar game of Europe-only facts, too :Geography Games Europe. GSFK wants to thank Sonja Snoek and her company, EastDock Media in Amsterdam, Netherlands.



    scary zone.png

    You Really Can’t Imagine How Deep The Ocean Is This page makes a good effort to instill a sense of how deep the ocean is. The ocean is seriously deep! The AVERAGE depth of the ocean is 4,267 meters. The deepest part we know of so far is almost 11,000 meters (11 km). To see only the video portion, click here The Ocean is Way Deeper Than You Think. It's good, even though the narrator is forced to talk fast to keep up with this 6:52 video! To see a much shorter (1:24) CGI video of a sperm whale fighting a colossal giant squid, click here to watch COLOSSAL SQUID Vs. SPERM WHALE



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